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3 Books With Neil Pasricha

Feb 4, 2019

3 Books is a completely insane and totally epic 15-year-long quest to uncover the 1000 most formative books in the world. Each chapter is hosted live and in-person at the guest's preferred location by Neil Pasricha, New York Times bestselling author of The Book of Awesome and The Happiness Equation. Each chapter of 3...

Jan 21, 2019

Were you one of the sixty million people who grew up reading Franklin The Turtle?

We were handed a dog-eared stack of them when my first son was born.

As my wife and I flipped through them, we couldn’t help but just buy into the whole Franklin universe.

There’s Beaver and Bear and Fox and good values and...

Jan 6, 2019


Do you remember Chapter 4 of 3 Books with Sarah Ramsey?

She introduced me to BUST Magazine, the largest feminist magazine in the world, and waxed on about how BUST had incredible book recommendations…

Well, they sure have a lot more than that.

I picked up a copy of BUST and was blown away by the urgency, voice, and...

Jan 1, 2019

So here we are.
It's 11:59pm on December 31, 2018 and we're releasing our first annual Best Of 3 Books for 2018.
It's a time to look back. It's a time to look ahead. It's a time to look inside and think about which lessons, which insights, and which paths we will follow in the year ahead.
For long time listeners...

Dec 22, 2018

Our next guest is the first billionaire entrepreneur of a global brand we’ve had on 3 Books. We fly over to Vancouver to talk with the founder and former CEO of Lululemon, Chip Wilson.

Chip founded the company Westbeach, a snowboard, ski, and apparel company, which he eventually sold in 1997. Then one day while...