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3 Books With Neil Pasricha

Jan 21, 2019

Were you one of the sixty million people who grew up reading Franklin The Turtle?

We were handed a dog-eared stack of them when my first son was born.

As my wife and I flipped through them, we couldn’t help but just buy into the whole Franklin universe.

There’s Beaver and Bear and Fox and good values and good parenting and good life lessons all delivered in a way that super appetizing for children… and their parents.

So I expected Paulette to choose, you know, three children’s books for her three most formative books. But she couldn’t have surprised me more with her picks.

(Spoiler alert: Chapter 21 contains the first ever horror book on The Top 1000.)

Now, who is Paulette? Well, she studied journalism at Carleton University in Ottawa. She used to be a reporter for CBC News. She lived in Washington, DC while writing for magazines like Reader’s Digest and Chatelaine.

And she’s the incredible mother of two children who inspire her to be intentional as a parent and family leader.

How do we raise intentional children?

What does ADD feel like inside your brain?

How can we turn anger into empathy?

We get into these questions and many more in Chapter 21 of 3 Books.


  • Do we all have ‘dark sides’ within us despite how seemingly normal our lives appear?

  • Why is it so important right now to find your voice?

  • How can we teach and encourage children to speak up and fight for what’s right?

  • How can we pass on our core values through generations?

  • What new book idea did Paulette come up with during our podcast?

  • How can we inspire children to look at all sides and come up with alternative explanations?

  • How can we best support people with ADHD?

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