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3 Books With Neil Pasricha

Sep 23, 2022

Happy Equinox!


Today the sun is directly above the equator so no matter where you are the day and the night are around equal length.


Two equinoxes and two solstices give us four pause points between our regular scheduled lunar programming to drop a little bookmark in the midst of our epic journey about formative books.


Today I want share the two-minute morning practice I use to begin my day.


So: A number of years ago I was going through a tough time and found that I needed a way to ground myself and center myself, as well as my thoughts, in the morning. I was waking up without focus, with a lot of anxiety, and wasn’t in a very positive mindset. So I started this practice and then made a YouTube video about it -- which is this entire bookmark. That little practice and video turned into a number of national TV spots and a cover story in Harvard Business Review and a number of other videos that the algorithms loved more than mine and now it's turned into a journal that has sold a few hundred thousands copies.

This is a dead simple practice that's had a profound effect on my life. I realized I hadn't formally shared it here so I bring it for you now.


Here is the two-minute morning practice I use for having a great day.