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3 Books With Neil Pasricha

Nov 7, 2018

Did you know the average person lives for 1,000 months?

Or that the average person is awake for 1,000 minutes per day?

That’s why I like the number 1,000 so much, and partly why I started my blog 1,000 Awesome Things about ten years ago. It’s why I’m on this quest with you to uncover the 1,000 most formative books in the world.

And that quest is what brought me to the independent bookstore Books & Books with Mitchell Kaplan.

Why did I decide to sit down with Mitchell?

Because he started the entire Books & Books chain. Back in the early 1980s, Mitchell opened a 500-square-foot bookstore because he was passionate about community and wanted to create a “third place.”

But it’s not just a bookstore chain. Mitchell has grown it to the point where there are rooms dedicated to publishers, outdoor magazine stands, and about 600 author events per year.

And although he runs what he jokes is a “no-profit” bookstore, he is wealthier than many of us ever will be because he’s living such a rich life. Rich in purpose, relationships, connection, and meaning.

Welcome to Chapter 16.

I hope you enjoy this soulful and passionate chat as much as I did.


  • What is a “third place”?
  • Why don’t we spend as much time and money on mental health as we do physical health?
  • How do you create an authentic community without it feeling manufactured?
  • How do teachers play a powerful role during our most formative years?
  • What is the “producer high”?
  • What should a bookstore try and be?

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