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3 Books With Neil Pasricha

Jun 28, 2018

In this Chapter of 3 Books, I jump into the backseat of Vishwas Aggrawal's Uber and take a trip you won't soon forget. 

This is a story about setting your own standards in a world constantly hammering us into "human resources." 

This is a story about setting your own winning lines in a world that wants us to be widgets.

This is a story about raising the bar for yourself and deeply valuing the human connection and love that has the potential to exist between every single one of us. 

Uber has no formal leaderboard, reward mechanism, or pay-for-performance tied to driver rating.

So why would Vish care?

Why would he care about giving thousands of rides and pouring in day after day of high-end customer services to establish an incredible 4.99 rating? Why would he clean his mats between every trip, only eat raw vegetables in his car, and develop masterful scripts that help riders feel deeply valued in the middle of their busy days?

Why bother?

Join me in the backseat of Vish's Uber as we slowly circle closer and closer to what we're really playing for in our short time on the planet.

We discuss the books that shaped Vish from his upbringing in central India to his sales roles at Coca-Cola to his journey to give his daughter a better education on the other side of the world... even if it meant starting back at the beginning.

Vishwas Aggrawal is one of the most engaging and inspiring people I've ever met. 

After you listen to his story, I hope you feel the same way. 


  • What business is Vish really in?
  • What master service lessons can we learn from Vish to apply to our lives?
  • What is the "yes man" / "no man" paradigm?
  • What is the "Every Single Day" lesson and what does it do for customers?
  • How does Vish earn customer trust in the first few minutes?
  • What universal need does Vish tap into?
  • Why does Vish only eat raw vegetables in his Uber?
  • How can you be amazing at your craft even if you’re ashamed to tell your family what you do?
  • What does it mean to truly “think big” and how can we adopt this mindset?
  • How do you achieve a perfect customer rating from the thousands of people you serve?

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